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​​Dubai Volunteering Center
The Dubai Volunteering Center, is an initiative by the Community De​​velopment Authority. It is the first official ​Dubai Government body established to manage volunteering services in the UAE, with a special focus on the Emirate of Dubai. We connect deserving commun​​ity causes with willing volunteers, thereby fostering a spirit of unity and care throughout society. With the Dubai Volunteering Center (DVC) you can get actively involved in society by helping to spread a cultur​e of care across the UAE. By contributing time and effort you have a real opportunity to touch lives. You will get to support your community while uplifting yourself with a sense of fulfillment.
DVC members participate positively in their community with a strong sense of pride, affirming that “Volunteering makes UAE proud’’. You are invited to take part.​​​​
Creating Volunteering Opportunities
Creating ongoing volunteering opportunities by coordinating with various governmental, non-profit and private institutions in Dubai
Training and Development of Volunteers
Organizing awareness lectures for new volunteers at schools, universities and institutions on the culture of volunteering and instill a deeper understanding of volunteer work
Monitoring Volunteers Working Hours
Monitoring and documenting the number of hours allocated by volunteers for each event, protecting their rights, and in appreciation of their dedication. It also enables the system to track the total number of volunteering hours in the Emirate of Dubai, to reconcile allocated human resources and materials in the events.
Registration of Volunteers
This service allows individuals to register as volunteers for various activities and events organized by the Volunteer Affairs section. These events are typically held in conjunction with various governmental, non-profit organizations and private institutions to serve the community.
BlackBerry Service
This service gives those who are registered an opportunity to keep up to date with any events or activities in which the Volunteers Affairs Section offers and/or organizes as well as any volunteering opportunities available. In addition volunteers who are registered would be updated on any workshops or lectures related to Volunteerism.
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